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  • Agile Software Development Meet professionals with decades of industrial experience!
  • Big Data Solutions Developed systems requiring billions of transactions!
  • Support and Maintenance We provide both free and paid support and maintenance services!

Welcome to the Quadrish Innovations Private Limited, a software development company based in India with development centers in Chandigarh and Chennai. We handle agile software development activities for Web, Mobile, IoT, Big Data and Support Services with leaders in the team having decades of industrial experience.

“Our costings are like a small agile company with solutions better than big fat companies!”
Result is the best price by performance ratio.

Transport Industry

Our solutions for transport industry ranges from telemetry to the custom platform development for entire internal workflow. We are expert in dealing with OBD 2 (On-Board Diagnostics) based telemetry data extraction like speed, RPM, DTC Read etc from vehicles. We have worked with patent based solutions leading to capture more than half million users and scaling.
We are expert with providing solutions requiring full work flow for fleet management to provide complete end-to-end solutions.

Marketplace Solutions

Quadrish has delivered innovative Marketplace solutions for various industries including the education which are live and earning millions for our clients. We understand the buyer side and the seller side of the perspective and our expertise in connecting two sides intuitively has been appreciated by our clients.
Some of our marketplace solutions are growing bigger requiring big data analytics to be incorporated.

Marketing Platforms

This is an area where we have been delivering solutions for over an decade now. We have delivered highly complex platforms requiring processing of billions of social media transactions. Highly automated and well configured business intelligence dashboards were delivered as per client requirements.
One of the platform delivered by us is earning few million dollars every year.

Financial Solutions

Fintech is an area requiring highly complex implementations from the security and accounting point of view. We have delivered some of the most complex platforms requiring two-way integration of QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, SalesForce and Tons of Payment Gateways.
We have delivered platforms for Accounting, Insurance and Banking Sectors.