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Quadrish is an Android Development Company In India. We had worked on VistaBAC project. US based vistaBAC | Mobile app and software,  is the leader in breathalyzers. Firstly, it offers full range of innovative products. Both for personal and professional use. Founded in 2018, vistaBAC helps people monitor their blood alcohol content. Secondly, it makes informed decisions about alcohol consumption. 

Thirdly and most importantly, vistaBAC products are in leading retailers. This include BestBuy stores and online at Amazon, Costco and brookstone. Their products have been featured.  For instance, on Oprah’s All Stars, The Dr. Phill show, The Doctors and MythBusters.

In other words, vistaBAC  is an advanced personal BAC monitoring system. It is programmed to be an enforceable and preventive way to combat drunk driving.

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Most importantly, the team has created an advanced management system. For instance, its most notable features:

  1. Firstly, Photo verification with time and results.
  2. Secondly, GPS Location.
  3. Thirdly, Automatic Server upload.
  4. Further, Password recovery in application.
  5. And Verifiable Results in application.
  6. Moreover, Added test on demand and set first schedule test.


Quadrish is an Android Development Company In India. Firstly, the biggest challenge for our mobile developer is “How To Make Their Application to be First Choice for User”. Build Application with Great UI/UX, is another challenge for a mobile developer.

Secondly, Our team made it to a top priority. To identify the business value that the client aimed. In order to realize from the project. 

Thirdly and most importantly, we have the challenge while making an application. It is to create an application which can run across as many devices as possible. Certainly, countless mobile platforms have different limitations. For instance, Based on screen sizes, OS requirements, embedded technologies, pixel intensities etc.


Quadrish designed an app for Android.  It helps users to monitor their blood alcohol content. And also, make informed decisions about alcohol consumption. Therefore, careful attention had to be paid throughout the development process.  To ensure that the user experience would not be compromised in any way. 

In other words, VistaBAC is an app-based alcohol monitoring service. It helps you rebuild trust and accountability with the ones you love, at a price you can afford.