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Artificial Intelligence Development

Quadrish is one of the top companies in Artificial Intelligence Development In India. Hence, we mainly work on Cognitive Technologies. Now the question is what is Cognitive technology?

About Cognitive

Cognitive Technology is basically a software company in Russia. Mainly, this technology is based on an advanced artificial intelligence system. Cognitive technology comprises of different platforms. And most importantly, this may include machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech, vision, sentiment analysis, and robotics. However, this technology is created to help humans for their decision-making process. In order to stimulate the brain of a human. And also, can help to solve the problems of humankind. Many things in combination make computational cognitive science. This includes psychology, linguistics, data science, neural science, philosophy, and computer science. We have listed some aspects of Cognitive Technology. Just check them out.

  1. Firstly, Cognitive API
  2. Secondly, Companies who are dealing with it.
  3. Thirdly, Business Applications


Artificial Intelligence Development



Cognitive API

Firstly, Cognitive API can be used as an API computing application tool. Therefore, this can be used to implement the applications of artificial intelligence. Basically, in order to generate business value from unregulated information. Along with that, this API will be helpful to produce more powerful, capable and intelligent applications.

Secondly, many companies are working with Cognitive Technology.

Along with these top known firms, we are also a part of it. Below are the listed companies.

  1. Microsoft Cognitive Services
  2. IBM Watson
  3. Expert System
  4. Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics
  5. Customer Matrix
  6. Deep-mind

Thirdly, Some of the Business Applications of Cognitive Technologies.

  • Smart IoT
  • AI-Enabled Cyber-security
  • Next Generation Search
  • Content Artificial Intelligence Development
  • Cognitive Analytics in Healthcare
  • Intent-Based Natural Language Processing
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