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Artificial Intelligence Development

Cognitive Technologies:-

Quadrish is one of the top company of Artificial Intelligence Development In India. Cognitive Technologies is a Russian software company based on an advanced artificial intelligence System. It combines various platforms like machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech, vision, sentiment analysis and robotics. It mimics the function of a human brain and also can solve the humankind of problems or we can say that cognitive computing is used to assist humans in their decision-making process.

Firstly, Cognitive API:-
Computing API as a cognitive application toolkit. It can be used to implement artificial intelligence based applications to generate business value from unstructured information. The main feature of a cognitive API is to develop more powerful, capable and intelligent applications. Generally cognitive API includes advanced artificial intelligence features.


Secondaly, Companies who are dealing with cognitive technologies:-

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • IBM Watson
  • Expert System
  • Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics
  • Customer Matrix
  • Deep-mind

Thirdly, Business Applications of Cognitive Technologies:-

  • Smart IoT
  • AI-Enabled Cyber-security
  • Next Generation Search
  • Content AI
  • Cognitive Analytics in Healthcare
  • Intent-Based Natural Language Processing

Quickbooks Accounting Package Integration with Web Application :-

As, Quadrish deals with Artificial Intelligence Development In India. But still it was a different kind of experience for me and my team. Specially when we work with Quickbooks Accounting Package because no one heard about it before. And no one ready to take a project based on it. Because first time delivery was very near.

Then we had given it more priority to know about it. And its implementation using codeigniter and finally we got a solution to integrate with web application.
It was the first time to be more joyful for me. Because I have integrated it after 12 days experiment.
I was new with it but my team fully supported me to lead that task.
Now a days I am not saying that I am expert in Quickbooks Accounting Package. But I can say that I can implement everything in Quickbooks.
After Quickbooks Desktop. I have also integrated Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Xero also.


My Working Experience with Quickbooks :-

Firstly, After integration I have worked with everything. With Quickbooks attributes and Add, Edit and Delete in Quickbooks from Web Application.
Secondly, I have integrated it with PHP Quickbooks SDK ( Software Development Kit ) . And, Nowadays our clients are very happy with me and my team regarding to Quickbooks Accounting Packages.


Our Application Versus QuickBooks :-

You can save more time and get quick response by using our web application with Quickbooks.
We have tried to create a better application to manage QuickBook Accountinng Package Processes easily. However, Without spending more time  and created an application where we have provided many features. Which are very complex in QuickBooks, to make easy and to get quick result than QuickBooks.
For example  if we are creating a payment for invoice using QuickBooks. It will take 5 to 10 minutes but in our application will take only few seconds.
And also we are working for others accounting packages (FreshBooks, Xero, QuickBooks Online) to integrate with web application. Therefore, providing a user friendly interface with quick solutions without spending more time.

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