Case Studies

Transportation Solution – What is OBD?

OBD stands for On Board Diagnosis for Compliant Vehicles and is a standard protocol followed by all vehicle manufacturers.

We can obtain 267 types of vehicle sensor information through OBD device and send it to anywhere in the world in real time.

Add GPS and GSM/GPRS module to it, you get most powerful tool for vehicle tracking along with vehicle status.

Transportation Solution OBD

Transportation Solution – High Level Design

Transportation Solution – Devices Used

Transportation Solution Devices

Transportation Solution – Features

1. Real Time Remote Monitoring
2. Easy to Setup Console
3. Geo-fence Alerts
4. Over Speed Alerts
5. Engine Temperature
6. Recognizing Driving Pattern
7. All Automatic – No Human Intervention
8. Ideal for Transport Companies and Public Transport

And Many More…

Transportation Solution – Some Facts

Patent Based Solution
1. Currently being used by 350K users
2. Multi-Lingual with Automatic Voice Advisories
3. GPS-GSM/GPRS Solution being used by Car Rental Companies in Canada/USA
4. Development Team Size: 6 Members

IoT – Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solution – High Level Design


Digital Signage Solution – Features

1. Real Time Remote Monitoring
2. Intuitive Ad Builder
3. Real Time Reporting
4. Local Caching of the Content for Optimized Bandwidth Usage
5. Supports Multiple Sized Displays
6. REST API’s for External App Integrations

And Many More…

Digital Signage Solution – Client IoT Boxes Used


Digital Signage Solution – Some Facts

1. Live with more than 300 locations
2. Real time eye ball capturing for impact reporting underway
3. Automatic advertisement spot pricing underway
4. Development team size of 10 members
5. Complete End-to-End