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SHOP4ME is a mobile app, designed for both IOS and android devices. This app is like buying multiple products from a single store. It includes Supermarkets, Restaurants, Supplement Stores, Gift Shops. Also, provide the facility to either collect the stuff from the store or to deliver it to the door. Hence, making our busy life much easier.

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  1. Backend
  2. Frontend
  3. Testing: Manual testing, gt matrix, J meter, Katalon, postman, SQL server, CSS validation tool , zap.
  4. Project management: Zenhub
  5. Report management: Github


Shop4Me includes many features in it. These are as follows;
a. It provides the facility to order for multiple products/store from a single app.
b. One can find shop they like, order the items they like and even collect those items how they like to.
c. Firstly the user has to select the location and then the shops available to that particular location will be listed.
d. Also, provides the login/ sign up facility to the user.
e. All the information of the user will remain saved on their respective accounts.


a. The application is developed for both android and IOS platforms.
b. It is available on both app store and google play.
c. Development Team Size: 6 Members


a. Effortless to use the application.
b. Simple, yet good graphics and UI.
c. Secure Payment processes.