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Quadrish is a Software Company. We had worked for Navotar project. Navotar is cloud based car rental software. It is designed specifically for managing the vehicles rental business. And also, provides an indicate solution.  It would simplify current tasks and reduces the workload literally. Navotar has been in the fleet management software industry for 10 years. They commit that they are the better way to manage the Car Rental System.

Company’s aim is to become the chosen quality software solution. So that it can help vehicle rental businesses run efficient operations. Also with meeting the increasing demands of the industry. Navotar deliver the best quality vehicle rental management software for business owners all around the world.

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  1. Firstly, Customizable packages that suit your budget.
  2. And, Dedicated support team with 24/7 assistance.
  1. Secondly, Pay accordingly for the number of vehicles you have.
  2. Also, User-friendly system with a low learning curve.
  3. Thirdly, Automotive industry experience and specialization in improving rental businesses.
  4. Also, Customers can access the rental system instantly from any computer or handheld device connected to the internet.
  5. Indeed, They will strive to be the best vehicle rental software to their customers.


The most challenging part is to develop plugin. Based on WordPress coding standard and follow the rules. As WordPress rules are getting very strict these days. Firstly, the priority of WordPress is to check the plugin security. Secondly, the challenge was to manage all the API’s. As these programs require a lot of REST API’s because it make the program slow. Furthermore, As plugin deals with different types of themes. So to make responsive plugin is one of the biggest challenges to any designer. In this case, our Software Company team need to define unique classes to plugin and cannot override theme CSS.


The extensive experience of Quadrish’s team:

  1. All plugins make functioned with the help of namespaces. 
  2. Worked according to the WordPress functions.
  3. Used WordPress per define library.
  4. Managed API’s according to the requirements.
  5. Used Unique classes for CSS. 
  6. Used parent class with child class.
  7. Chosen the unique name for the functions.