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Quadrish had worked on MStreamIT project. We are a one of the Top Web Development Company in India. MStreamIT is a development company. It is around 10 years old now. And, handles all kinds of software design and development activities. All in web design and development. Both in mobile apps development for iOS and Android. And also, for embedded software and set top box development.

Meanwhile, the company’s aim is to help their clients in branding their company. And also, developing complex software solutions. Those are having heterogeneous operational environments and many more.

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  1. Firstly, Professionals having experience in diverse technologies and platforms.
  2. And, Diverse range of skills allow us to come up with highly optimized solutions in a cost effective manner.
  3. Work passionately.
  4. Secondly, know how to handle: Cloud Deployments (AWS/GCM/Azure), Server Security & Docker/Container based deployments.
  5. Thirdly, Provide solutions for transport industry in terms of tracking and real time vehicle information through OBD II.
  6. And, Expert in dealing with GPS and GSM based tracking solutions.
  7. Then, dealing with different solutions like: Realities – Virtual/Augmented, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intelligence and Automations, Tours and Travel, Innovative Educational Platforms & Content Streaming.


Being a Top Web Development Company in India. It is always a challenge for us to provide supportive services to clients. So, that clients are successful in their mission. And to have full backing from technical team at the back-end. Firstly, for us, the success of our clients is the success of our team. Secondly, the other challenge was, involving into the development. And meanwhile, to handle one of the largest client acquisition and retainership. Also, the platform which is highly complex with multiple technologies and interfaces.


Quadrish was the natural choice to develop the websites. We have provided software development services to our clients for a number of years. Moreover, Our internal IT team knew from their experience. We are a very responsive and agile company. In order to deliver effective and efficient work within a short time frame.