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About Us

Quadrish is a Web development Company in Chandigarh.  We are an innovation oriented company. Because we led by a seasoned group of professionals having experience in diverse technologies and platforms. We have professionals having experience in various fields ;

  1. Firstly, web design and development.
  2. Secondly, on set top box industry.
  3. Thirdly, embedded software development.
  4. And most importantly, customer relations.

The diverse range of skills allow us to come up with highly optimized solutions in a cost effective manner.

“Our costing is like a small company, but our solutions are better than the big fat companies!” – The result is best price by performance ratio.


“We talk objectively and work passionately!”

Quadrish is a Web Development Company in Chandigarh. We help you meet your business objectives by using the internet and digital media effectively. Quadrish strive to not only combine the highest levels of creativity and innovation with the latest design and development technologies. But to also provide an unrivaled approach to customer relationship management. We’ve served over 400 clients both large as well as small.

Web development Company in Chandigarh

We handle all kinds of software design and development activities in web design and development, mobile apps development (iOS and Android), embedded software and set top box development.

Therefore, through solid business sense, innovation and professional direction we help our clients.  Basically in branding their company, developing complex software solutions having different operational environments and many more.

As creative consultants, we will provide you with a software solution. And that will allow you to meet the needs of your customers, monitor the results and maximize your potential. Your relationship with Quadrish starts here. Simply contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


We are 10 years old innovation oriented company having offices in Chandigarh and Chennai.


We are proud that the culture in the company keeps hard work at top priority. When we work, we don’t look at the wall clock, we look at how close to the solution we are! We enjoy working through tough tasks and rigid time schedules.


Our offices are fully equipped with all essential software and latest computers. We have high speed internet lines, power backups & caterings.

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Contact Us – quadrish.innovations@gmail.com